LClock 1.62b

Improve Windows clock with a smarter calendar


  • Improves Windows clock and calendar
  • Support for reminders


  • Skin management is difficult

Very good

LClock brings Windows' standard clock a nicer look and an easier-to-use calendar that features a basic alarm system.

Once installed, LClock enables you to completely change the clock's appearance, while also replacing the old calendar system with a new calendar that you can check out with a single click on the clock. LClock is compatible with XP, but skins for the app no longer seem to be available.

LClock calendar reminders show up in a pop-up window when triggered and can be scheduled to be repeated at different intervals. The calendar can be customized with skins, although the skin management system is poorly implemented: you unzip the skin archive to the program's folder - this overwrites all previous files and makes it a very uncomfortable to change from one skin to another.

LClock is a better, more customizable clock and calendar solution for Windows.

LClock is a system tray clock program that improves the appearance and functionality of Windows standard clock

LClock also comes with a simple but configurable popup calendar that opens when the systray clock is clicked. No more double clicking on the clock just to view the calendar in the "Date and Time Properties" dialog box. The calendar also contains a basic reminder feature.



LClock 1.62b

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    This is a very good software and thank you very much for making it free.I really enjoy the single click c...   More